Professional Employer Services

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USA Today - "...appeals to the small to medium sized firms who want to be free from bookkeeping chores and labor problems."

Forbes - "Why the boom? It lowers the costs for firms."

LACMA Physician - "The personnel services a leasing company provides should give physicians more time to address the efficiency of their practice and the quality of care for their patients."

Business Week - "Small businesses can benefit by firing all of their employees - and immediately rehiring them through employee leasing."

Corporate Detroit Magazine - "The employee has resource people - everything he would have with a large corporation - yet he's working with a small site with the benefits associated with working for a small employer."

Financial Manager - "Besides freeing employers from administrative burdens, leasing reduces or even eliminates the overhead expense of maintaining a personnel management staff. The lessor also usually has better trained human resource workers on its staff than a single small company could afford."

Southwest Airlines Magazine - "Next to a papershredder, employee leasing is the best thing around to get rid of employee related paperwork."

The Practical Accountant - "In many small companies, the owner-entrepreneur commonly spends one third of his time on personnel problems and paperwork.  By turning these duties over to an employee-lessor, the owner-entrepreneur may redirect productive efforts to enhance his product, service, and marketing opportunities and thus improve the company's performance."